Skip the socks, ties and pictured frames this holiday season.  How about a gift that REALLY matters — your HEALTH!!

We all know it’s important, but the fact is, many Americans don’t make it a priority.  A report from the Centers for Disease Control shows 76% of the total U.S. population did not eat the recommended amount of fruit, and a whopping 87% didn’t meet the national vegetable guidelines in a three-year span.  Recent estimates show more than a third of American adults are obese.

So, throwing one of our Fork & Salad gift cards in a stocking or envelope this year could change someone’s lifestyle, and life, for the better.  We’re offering a great December deal on our gift cards, which are as fast and easy to get as our salads and sandwiches!!  We’ll ring you up right at checkout.  Chef Travis Morrin has the lowdown in our video above.

After all, the best present there is?  Having your loved ones around for many more holidays to come.  #EatLocalEatHealthy