When you come in to Fork & Salad Kahului, some things are hard to miss.  Like our giant photo wall collage, our epic cold line of ingredients and our handmade wooden tables (crafted by co-owner/chef Cody).  You might also notice our fantastic general manager, Chris Goff, who has been leading the charge in Kahului since Spring.  Chris sees things you might not notice at first glance, but are undoubtedly there.  Like our incredible kitchen staff, prepping produce and proteins; along with our salad technicians and cashiers, who help get Fork & Salad polished, stocked and ready before the doors open every morning.  There’s a synergy you can feel between employees who love what they do, and Chris nurtures those positive vibes.  We believe in sharing Aloha Spirit through courtesy and warmth to customers, but also through respect and compassion for our co-workers.

That spirit of Aloha also extends to our food, and the local suppliers we know and love.  In the video above, Chris talks about that crucial connection between “farm and Fork” that he’s gotten to experience first hand.

So come on in to Kahului, throw Chris a shaka and enjoy some healthy, delicious food and drinks, knowing a little more about the dedication behind it all.   #EatLocalEatHealthy