Maui’s dedicated nonprofit Grow Some Good is helping thousands of our keiki by teaching them to establish and maintain gardens in 10 public schools across the island.

“Kids just love the garden, they love being outside and discovering things in the garden, watering and watching things grow,” explains Grow Some Good Executive Director Kathy Becklin.  “Then as it goes on, they expand that and by the time they’ve gone though grade 5 and into middle school, they’re more interested in project-based things in the garden; the FFA program at Lokelani is one of the best programs at the Intermediate School level in the state.”

We share a passion for making the Hawai‘i’s agriculture and farm-to-table movement more available to everyone, kids included.  So we’ve created a way to help boost their fundraising efforts, and you can easily take part!!  From now through February 2019, Grow Some Good will receive 50 cents for every Buckwheat Noodle Salad we sell at both our Kīhei and Kahului locations.  Money supports the nonprofit’s fantastic programs and garden-based curriculum, which now has been developed for each grade level through 5th grade.

“Anything that helps the kids learn and understand the environment and where their food comes from and what our island can provide, it just so rewarding,” Becklin adds.

Our owners have spent time planting and harvesting with the kids, even helping them create food from garden-fresh ingredients, so we understand how valuable this is for our young people.  And we put a lot of care into our menu items to showcase some of Maui’s best, freshest produce!   Our Buckwheat Noodle Salad, for one, features local spring mix from Kumu Farms in Waikapū, topped with carrot, wasabi peas, bell pepper, local radish, avocado and sunflower sprouts in a gluten-free miso-ginger dressing.  It’s also dairy-free and vegan; a great example of our pride in Hawai‘i’s amazing agriculture, and an easy way for you to support Grow Some Good!!  Some come on in, enjoy, and help a fantastic local cause at the same time!!  #EatLocalEatHealthy