Trick.  Treat.  It’s like those two words were meant to go together!  So whether it’s Halloween or any other day, we’re sharing some seriously great pairs that can help keep your body healthy, and your budget happy.  Healthy and happy:  another great match at Fork & Salad!

1.  Ginger + Turmeric

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These two strong spices have been used throughout our world’s history for both culinary and health benefits.  Both are known to have cancer-fighting properties, reduce inflammation, and help with digestive issues.  You’ll find these rad roots in our kombucha on tap, our fresh Dawn Patrol juice and our Health Shot.  This powerful pair is a great way to start your day!!

2. Soup + Salad Combo

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This natural match comes at an epic price: $9.95 for an 8-ounce cup of soup and half a salad.  We do this to offer our customers variety and great value at the same time.  Plus our soups rock!  They include tomato bisque, New England clam chowder, and Ni‘ihau lamb chili.

3. Watermelon + Feta

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Fruit and cheese co-exist beautifully in our salads!  Watermelon and feta is just one example of our Signature Salad combinations that feature classically-known pairings, like beet and goat cheese, along with green papaya and Thai dressing.  Our 50+ fresh ingredients make all kinds of cool combinations possible!

4. Avocado + Lime

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Our dressings, which are all gluten-free, have been inspired by chef-inspired favorites, from classically known matches to ethnic unions of ingredients.  Miso-ginger, Thai-lemongrass, grapefruit-honey, Meyer lemon-herb, roasted shallot-balsamic, the list goes on.  Our avocado-lime dressing is paired with both our Garden Lo-Cal and Super Salad.

5. Soup + Sandwich Combo

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Adding soup to a sandwich makes for an even heartier meal.  Plus, our stupendous soups can inspire some epic sandwich dipping!!  Order a sandwich of your choice, and substitute your side salad with a $2.00 cup of soup.  Our sandwiches are also available as wraps!  Either way, it’s a match made in hungry heaven.

So whatever you’re in the mood for, we have a creative culinary combination to meet your needs!!  It’s just as natural as, well…Fork + Salad, right?!  #EatLocalEatHealthy