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As 2017 comes to a close, the new year often brings new hopes, new ideas, new goals.  So if you’re compiling your list of resolutions for 2018, here’s how we can help with a few popular items to strive for:

1. Eat Healthier.

So what exactly does that mean?  It can be defined differently for different people. We designed our menu to include MANY ways to accomplish healthier eating. For some it means calorie counting, for others it’s avoiding gluten or keeping away from carbs. At Fork & Salad you can do any, some or all of these. Or choose an eating program that’s more specific to your dietary needs. As for calorie counts, we want our customers to know the exact amount they’re consuming in our signature menu items. Some of the lowest calorie counts might include our Buckwheat Noodle Salad at just 265 calories, or our Pastrami-Seasoned Seared Ahi Sandwich at 522 calories.  Choose to have it as a wrap and cut the calories (and carbs) further. If you’re a build-your-own salad fan and want to keep the calories down, select hearty and filling greens like kale or spinach and water-based fruits and vegetables like tomato, cucumber, green papaya, apple and watermelon. Furthermore, our avocado-lime dressing is the lowest in calories, but rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. Try to avoid cheese, starches and nuts if you want to keep those calories way down.  And top it off with one of our Super Finishes for an extra nutrient boost!

2.  Exercise More.

After a serious gym workout, Fork and Salad is great way to fuel your body and spur your metabolism with vitamin-rich, high-protein options. We offer fantastic lean proteins like baked ahi belly, all-natural chicken breast, ancho chili-seasoned steak and even ginger-baked tofu, all of which are gluten-free by design!!   Plus, reward yourself after a workout by getting 10% off with your gym membership after 3 p.m. every day!

3.  Stick to a Diet.

Choose the diet that works best for YOU, and odds are Fork & Salad can help you manage it.  For instance, if you’re watching your carbs and sugar, but can indulge in high-fat items like bacon, cheese and nuts, choose to build your own salad OR maybe order a Cobb (which is naturally low in sugar and carbs). A few “build” items might include all greens, bacon, blue cheese, radishes, spicy brussel sprouts, avocado, boiled eggs, almonds, sun sprouts, cabbage, olives, capers, cucumber, banana peppers, and so forth. Carbohydrate-free proteins would include chicken, steak, ahi belly, seared ahi and shrimp. If you’re looking for sugar-free dressings, go with Caesar, blue cheese, green goddess or even a squeeze of lemon with EVOO.

4.  Save Money.

Our affordable salad and sandwich prices are a solid start there.  We also have great combo deals available so you get more for your money, and we now offer an epic rewards program called FiveStars where you collect points on every single dollar you spend.  So eat healthier AND smarter with us!

5.  Enjoy Your Life.

Free time is a big factor in quality of life, and our fast service goals of three minutes or less, awesome mobile app for quick ordering, and dedicated take-out register can free you up faster to savor what matters.  And speaking of what matters, find your bliss with friends and family by sharing a meal together at a handcrafted table inside or out on our patio.  Find joy in shopping??  Then you’ll love our Fork & Salad location near Target coming soon, so you can shop and eat efficiently!

Here’s to a happy, healthy 2018!  We’ll see you here in the new year!  #EatLocalEatHealthy