Fork & Salad is gearing up to open in Kīhei in July 2016, and when it does, you’ll see a beautiful, modern, finished restaurant.  But it wasn’t always that way!  The buildout process in part of the former Stella Blues building at Azeka Mauka has taken many months, along with plenty of skill, organization and patience.  Co-owners/chefs Jaron Blosser, Cody Christopher and Travis Morrin collaborated with Nishikawa Architects on Fork & Salad’s style and design; cooperated with Maui County on all required permits and inspections; enlisted the help of talented local subcontractors like RVS Construction LLC, Wiki Wiki Electric, Integrity Air and Nelson Contracting; and hand-crafted many of the restaurant items themselves under the guidance of master carpenter Roger Brower.  For instance, the chefs have constructed close to 30 tables, two water stations, the trash/recycling receptacles, a rope wall display, cabinets, and the restaurant’s showpiece:  the salad-building counter where you’ll order your favorites!  Renovating their first restaurant, Three’s Bar & Grill in Kīhei, in 2010 helped prepare them for this huge, custom undertaking, but the process for Fork & Salad has meant even more precision, planning and attention to detail.  Here’s a special look behind the scenes at what it’s taken to make the restaurant a reality.  Join us on the journey as the owners collaborate to get Fork & Salad Maui off the ground.