Yes, we know.  We are Fork & Salad…but if you’re craving something beyond a bowl of our epic greens and fresh ingredients, we’ve got a whole menu board dedicated solely to sandwiches!  Chef Travis shows us what goes into a few of the favorites in this video.

Our sandwiches are “chef- inspired,” meaning they were all designed with flavor in mind.  The chefs spent months perfecting recipes for each signature sandwich — from the bread it’s served on to the freshly-prepared proteins; even the location of where the greens and tomatoes were sourced and their respective flavors were taken into account!!  Each sandwich recipe has been crafted with a lot of thought and TLC, offering a superb balance of flavors, textures and aromas.

The bread is our foundation.  Our signature salad bread is naturally-fermented, organic sourdough focaccia made and delivered daily by local bake shop, Blue Door Bakery.  This bread is yeast-free, so it takes three days to rise!  We consider it the best kind of gluten you can eat.  We do also offer gluten-free bread and whole-wheat tortillas as options for sandwiches and wraps.

We’re happy to make customers happy with our sandwiches!!  Many tell us they love the super-soft bread and say the spreads, like our macadamia nut pesto, truffle aioli and Sriracha hummus, add the perfect amount of moisture.  We also get rave reviews on our house-made proteins, from the pastrami-seasoned Ahi and citrus-poached sustainable shrimp to the ginger-baked tofu and quinoa falafel.  And of course our 50+ ingredients are always a hit, with some of the freshest fruits and vegetables Maui has to offer!

As far as the fan favorites, our Roasted Kumu Farms Eggplant & Goat Cheese Sandwich is filled with sweet Waikapū eggplant, mac nut pesto, goat cheese, cucumber, olives and dill tzatziki sauce, topped with a vine-ripened Kamuela tomato!!

Customers also adore our Ahi Melt.  The locally-caught Ahi belly is baked in-house with a caper-olive tapenade and extra virgin olive oil.  It’s toasted with melted cheddar and served with arugula, kimchee banana pepper and Spanish onion.

Last but not least, our MOST popular sandwich is the Smoky Papaya Chicken with Goat Cheese!  This unique item is loaded with diced all-natural chicken breast and topped with bacon, goat cheese and Three’s mango habanero hot sauce!! It’s finished with slices of local papaya and avocado.  This sandwich is sweet, spicy, smoky and straight-up delicious!!

All our sandwiches are filling, and come with a side salad and pickled banana peppers.  But we offer options!  You can substitute your side salad for a cup of our house-made soup for just $2.00, or the ever-popular Ni‘ihau lamb chili for $2.50 (bigger sizes are also available). So whether you’re in the mood for a stellar salad or stupendous sandwich, come on in and take your pick! #EatLocalEatHealthy