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At Fork & Salad, we’re all about promoting health and wellness.  If you make it a priority in your life by belonging to a gym, we have a bonus for you!   We’re offering an ongoing discount of 10% off all food anytime after 3 p.m. to anyone with a gym membership.

Encouraging an active, healthy lifestyle is also a great way to support local. In today’s society, many can be too busy to prepare a home-cooked meal.  That has some families turning to fast, frozen or processed foods often riddled with saturated fat, processed sugar and sodium, which may contribute to heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. At Fork & Salad, we believe “you are what you eat,” so we want to make healthy options easy for people to access (and afford!), as well as reward those who actively work out and make wise food choices.

We also want our customers to be educated about those food choices, so we calculated calorie counts for all our menu items.  The process was painstaking!  For every recipe, we researched each ingredient, broke it down into “calories per ounce,” then multiplied by its total ounces in that menu item. (For example, chicken breast is 46 calories per ounce, so a four-ounce portion has 184 calories.) Then, all the ingredients were added up for the total calorie count, and between the greens, veggies, cheese, bread and dressings, some recipes can have quite a few ingredients!  Take dressings, for instance — our Thai dressing has nearly a dozen ingredients, making the process even more challenging to calculate!

Our “Lo-Cal” signature salad has only 91 calories.  It starts with a base of kale and spinach, plus tomato, bell pepper, carrots, raw beets, sprouts, cucumber and an avocado-lime dressing.  This is our version of a garden salad, except far more interesting and totally good for you!

As you might expect, the dressings are the high-calorie parts of the salads. Our avocado-lime is the healthiest, since it only uses the natural oils of the avocado for richness. All of our dressings are gluten-free and we even offer other options, like vinegars, lemon and olive oil.

We’re happy to help customers know more about what they’re putting in their bodies — not only where our food items come from, but what they’re made of.  If you’re dieting, “counting” your calories or simply want a light meal after a solid work out, we’ve got you covered!  We also have a range of healthy proteins and fresh juices to help give you a boost.

Fortunately, flavor is never sacrificed because the ingredients are SO good — they’re local! Every green, fruit or vegetable is packed with nutrition and often only hours-old from the farm!  From there, it’s just a matter of “enhancing” those ingredients: usually by combining them carefully (AKA: signature salads) or adding a splash of dressing. Healthy eating isn’t rocket science; simply choose what’s fresh!  Just come to Fork & Salad and we’ll make it easy for you!  #EatLocalEatHealthy