Ages ago (well, okay, not really!), folks used to get information using heavy phone books, giant dictionaries and bulky reference books.  “Land line” wasn’t even a term, because pretty much all phones were connected to the wall!

Now?  Phones are mobile, light and smart.  The only cord you might have is the invisible one connected to your hand that won’t let you put it down!  According to Smart Insights, 2017 studies show 68% of American consumers have mobile devices, and spend an average of 34 hours a month browsing on their smartphones.  And Tech Crunch reports that apps lead the charge, accounting for seven out of every eight minutes of media consumption on mobile devices.

If you’re part of that trend, then your life is about to get even easier.  Fork & Salad is one of very few restaurants in Hawai‘i that features its very own mobile app!  It’s simple to navigate, either as a guest or a registered user, allowing you to put in your preferences, amounts and even special instructions quickly.  Once you pay, the order is sent to our kitchen, and food can be ready for you within 15 minutes!  We even have a side door and register dedicated to take-out orders, so you can grab your food fast and get on your way!

Chef Jaron takes you step by step in our quick virtual tour of the app, which is available free on iOS and Android devices.  Along with mobile phones and tablets, we didn’t want to leave out computers!!  Simply click on Web Order/Pickup under the Menu tab on our website to make it happen that way, and thanks for joining us in the modern mobile age!  #EatLocalEatHealthy