We are proud to say we support more than 25 local farms and suppliers.  But really, YOU support them by supporting us, so thank you!

We just hit our one-month milestone on August 13, and thought we’d share some examples of what we mean, in this video with Chef Travis and the list below.  This represents our first 16 days of service, so we’re excited to think about where the numbers will be, say, a year from now!

We forged relationships with our Fork & Salad suppliers, many of whom we already count on at Three’s Bar & Grill, months before opening.  We pledged to support local and use as much of their products as we could.  But there was no way to tell exactly HOW MUCH we would need, and if we could deliver on our goals.  Then, we opened the doors, and WOW!  We’re beyond ecstatic to be picking up more and more local ingredients each week, and the farms are stoked to know how many of you are enjoying their products.

So, here’s the list.  In 16 days of service we used…

•1,400 pounds of local greens (kale, arugula, romaine, spinach, mixed greens, super-blend)
•110 gallons of dressing
•275 pounds of fresh local tuna
•60 pounds of Tamashiro tofu
•144 full sheet pans of Maui Pasta Company foccacia
•960 pounds of organic chicken breast
•4 dozen Pono Pies
•20 gallons of Maui Cattle beef stew
•40 gallons of Ni‘ihau lamb chili
•64 gallons of tomato bisque
•38 FIVE-gallon kegs of Big Wave organic kombucha!!!
•AND literally — more than a TON of fresh local fruits and vegetables, like 2,000 pounds worth!!!

This is only the beginning. Please keep the trend going, tell your friends and continue enjoying our fresh signature salads, build-your-own options, sandwiches, soups and beverages.  Mahalo for supporting Maui’s local farms and producers!