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Going gluten-free is a priority to people with conditions like Celiac disease, reported to affect one in 133 people in the U.S., and gluten sensitivity, which may impact up to 7% of the population.  But apparently, it’s also important to others.

A 2016 study from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) shows the number of Americans who did not have Celiac disease but were avoiding gluten anyway more than TRIPLED over a five-year span.

So whatever your reasons are, we’re listening.  At Fork & Salad, we designed nearly our entire menu with these concerns in mind, so here are five of our top gluten-free items available at Fork & Salad.

1)  Gluten-free Bread.  For those with gluten issues, getting to have a sandwich can be a real treat.  With our option for gluten-free bread, it’s not only possible, but delicious!  We took extra special care in creating our signature sandwich menu, to make sure those who are gluten-intolerant could enjoy them too.  (Just to note, we also offer traditional bread:  organic, naturally-fermented sourdough focaccia. So if you choose to eat gluten, we consider it the healthiest kind you can possibly consume!!)

2)  Gluten-free Dressings.   We mean ALL of them, from our creamy ranch, classic Caesar and blue cheese to Thai lemongrass, cilantro-smoked chili and roasted shallot balsamic dressings.  We spent months carefully developing these recipes because it was important to us, and to you.

3)  Gluten-free Ingredients.  More than 90% of the products you see on our salad line are gluten-free.  We have a huge variety of fruits and vegetables — more than 50 salad ingredients and five different greens for endless options to build your own salad.  All our proteins are gluten-free too, like sustainable shrimp, chicken and pastrami-seared ahi, ginger-baked tofu and quinoa falafel.

4)  Gluten-free Soups.  That’s right, our list is still going!  Our three soup items — clam chowder, lamb chili and tomato bisque — are also gluten-free.  We committed a lot of time to making sure these were gluten-free but still scrumptious.

5)  Gluten-free Desserts.  We offer locally-made Pono Pies, which are delectable and consist of ‘ulu, or breadfruit.  The crust is made from coconut and macadamia nuts and the creamy texture of the pie is totally dairy-free too!!  M-Bakery bakes us amazing, totally gluten-free salted peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip bars!!  We also offer all sorts of fruit if you’re looking for a healthy gluten-free dessert option. For instance, our fruit cup isn’t just for kids. It comes with slices of green apple, watermelon, pineapple and strawberries. You can also get half a papaya if you’re in the mood for that!!

Being a health-inspired eatery, we take pride in offering a menu that’s so packed with gluten-free options.  Whether it’s you or a friend who’s opted for a gluten-free lifestyle, come on in with the knowledge that Fork & Salad is here to meet your needs!   #EatLocalEatHealthy