Build Your Own Salad $12.50

Step 1: Choose Your Base – GREENS: Spinach, Kale, Romaine, Spring Mix, Arugula GRAINS: Quinoa & Cabbage, Health Grain Mix & Romaine

Step 2: Choose Your Dressing – Cilantro-Smoked Chili, Miso-Ginger, Roasted Garlic Balsamic, Green Goddess, Meyer Lemon-Herb, Caesar, Papaya Seed, Thai Lemongrass, Avocado-Lime BASICS: Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Red Wine Vinegar, Lemon Squeeze & Oil

Step 3: Choose Your Ingredients –

Kimchee Broccoli
Cilantro & Mint
Crimini Mushroom
Fried Garlic Chips
Kalamata Olives
Purple Cabbage
Red Onion
Roasted Eggplant
Green Papaya
Dried Cranberries
Blue Cheese
Shaved Parmesan
Health Grain Mix
Wasabi Peas
Chia Seeds
Flax Seeds
Roasted Beets
Boiled Egg
Local Sprouts
Purple Sweet Potato
Red Bell Pepper
Ripe Papaya
Curry Golden Raisins
Shredded Cheddar
Goat Cheese
Hemp Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Bee Pollen
Nutritional Yeast
Mandarin Oranges
Kimchee Banana Peppers

Step 4: Add a Protein – Lemon-Herb Chicken $5.25, Citrus-Poached Shrimp $5.25, Ginger-Baked Tofu $4.25, Baked Quinoa Falafel $4.75, Baked Ahi Belly $7.25, Ancho Chile-Seasoned Steak $9.75


(all sandwiches come with a small spring mix salad, carrots, lemon-herb dressing & a side of kimchee banana peppers)

Lemon & Thyme Chicken $15.00
mac nut pesto, chicken, apples, arugula, feta, papaya seed dressing, tomato

Smoky Papaya Chicken $16.00
mango hot sauce, chicken, goat cheese, bacon, papaya, spring mix, onion, cilantro-smoked chili dressing, tomato, avocado

Shrimp & Avocado Club $16.00
truffle aioli, citrus shrimp, arugula, bacon, kimchee banana peppers, lemon-herb dressing, avocado, tomato

Baked Falafel & Quinoa Sandwich $14.50
sriracha hummus, falafel, spring mix, romaine, cucumber, olives, feta, tzatziki, tomato

Baked Ahi Melt $15.75
mac nut pesto, baked ahi belly, cheddar cheese, arugula, red onion, kimchee banana peppers, lemon-herb dressing, tomato

Ancho Chile-Seasoned Steak Sandwich $18.50
mac nut pesto, warm ancho chile-seasoned steak, arugula, roasted garlic balsamic dressing, red onion, blue cheese crumbles, tomato

Eggplant & Goat Cheese Sandwich $13.75
mac nut pesto, roasted eggplant, goat cheese, spring mix, lemon-herb dressing, cucumber, olives, onion, tzatziki, tomato

Grain Bowls

Ancient Grain Bowl $12
quinoa, purple cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber, curry golden raisins, cilantro & mint, kalamata olives, hummus, feta, lemon-herb dressing (gf)

Endless Summer Grain Bowl $12
Quinoa, purple cabbage, roasted beets, radish, kimchee broccoli, purple sweet potatoes, almonds, blue cheese crumbles, curry golden raisins, roasted garlic balsamic dressing (gf)

Buddha Bowl $12
quinoa, cabbage, carrot, wasabi peas, avocado, bell pepper, sun sprouts, mandarin oranges, edamame, miso-ginger dressing (gf, v)

Make Any Salad or Sandwich Into a Wrap! (gf=$1.50)

Signature Salads

Caesar $12.50
kale, romaine, croutons, parmesan, tomatoes, fried garlic chips, caesar dressing

Greek $12.50
spring mix, romaine, chickpeas, tomatoes, cucumber, olives, feta, dill, tzatziki, lemon-herb dressing (gf)

Beet & Goat Cheese $12.50
spinach, roasted beets, goat cheese, mandarin oranges, beets, apples, pineapple, health grain mix, cashews, papaya seed dressing

Watermelon & Feta $12.50
spring mix, watermelon, tomatoes, dried cranberries, sun sprouts, cashews, feta, roasted garlic balsamic dressing (gf)

Thai $12.50
arugula, green papaya, carrot, cashews, tomatoes, cilantro & mint, red onion, thai lemongrass dressing (gf, df)

Cobb $12.50
romaine, bacon, blue cheese crumbles, avocado, boiled egg, kimchee broccoli, tomatoes, green goddess dressing

Maui Goddess $12.50
romaine, apples, strawberries, purple sweet potatoes, cashews, curry golden raisins, blue cheese, green goddess dressing (gf)

Super Salad 2.0 $12.50
kale, spinach, purple sweet potatoes, roasted beets, kimchi broccoli, bell pepper, almonds, avocado-lime dressing (gf, df)

Paniolo $12.50
Spring mix, avocado, cheddar, mushrooms, bacon, purple sweet potatoes, kimchi broccoli, cilantro-smoked chili vinaigrette (gf)

Papaya Dream Salad $12.50
Arugula, Kumu Farms non-gmo papaya, health grain mix, feta, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, edamame, cilantro & mint, strawberries, papaya seed dressing

Chinese Chicken Salad $18.75
Sesame soy dressing, chicken, mandarin
oranges, romaine, edamame, cabbage, carrots,
herbs, cashews, wonton strips, sesame seeds

Add a Protein – Lemon-Herb Chicken $5.25, Citrus-Poached Shrimp $5.25, Ginger-Baked Tofu $4.25, Baked Quinoa Falafel $4.75, Baked Ahi Belly $7.25, Ancho Chile-Seasoned Steak $9.75

Extra Ingredients: $1 each
Extra Dressing: $1 for 2 ounces

gf = gluten-free / df = dairy-free / v = vegan


8oz $6.25 14oz $9.25
Tomato Bisque (gf)
Lamb Chili (gf)
Coconut Butternut Squash Soup (gf, v)
Bacon Clam Chowder (gf)

Keiki Menu

(comes with assorted fruit cup or house salad)
Cheese Quesadilla $7.50
-With Chicken $13.00
Grilled Cheese Sandwich $7.75
Chicken or Shrimp w/ Quinoa $9.25
Cup of Soup & Side $10.50

(à la carte)
Mini Build Your Own Salad $7.95
Assorted Fruit Cup $5.25


Chocolate Chip Cookie (gf) $2.75
Maui Chips $3.50


Unsweetened Iced Tea 12oz $3.25
Strawberry Lemonade 12oz $3.75
Pauwela Kombucha 12oz $5.75
Keiki Chocolate Milk $3.75


Soup & Salad $12.95
8oz Soup & any Half-Salad

Soup & Sandwich
Add Soup to your Sandwich to Replace the Side Salad
8oz Add $3.75
14oz Add $5.75

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Any Housemade Dressing 14oz $10

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