Hey, we may not be known for snow here in Hawai‘i, but we can still celebrate as the season changes to Winter!

Starting Saturday, December 21st, you’ll be able to enjoy a special salad, sandwich and soup in addition to our regular menu.  Plus, we’re bringing in a new protein for Winter: mango-spiced ham!  Director of Operations Lauren Mann outlines the seasonal menu in our video above.

Our Warm Winter Grain Bowl includes mango-spiced ham, quinoa, health grain mix, kale, purple potatoes, apples, goat cheese, cashews, roasted garlic balsamic dressing and macadamia nut pesto drizzle for $13.75.

The Spiced Ham Sammy features that mango-spiced ham layered in a mango-chutney purée, mac nut pesto, apples, goat cheese, arugula, onion, sliced tomato and chipotle dressing for $12.95.  And remember, you can also get that as a wrap.

Then, we had such an incredible response to one of our Fall favorites, we’re continuing it through Winter!  The vegan, gluten-free Coconut Butternut Squash Soup will remain as a special offering.  Our 8-oz. size is $5.25, while a 14-oz. bowl is $8.25.

You can also add mango-spiced ham to any salad you choose for $4.75!  Welcome in Winter and come give our seasonal selections a taste!!