Newsflash:  Chef Jaron can cook.  He is, after all, a chef, and a talented one at that!  But his restaurant-related skills don’t end there: Jaron took on a leadership role as project manager to get Fork & Salad up and running in Kīhei, a complex process that took many months!!  Among the countless tasks, he collaborated with architects, negotiated with landlords, navigated county permits, filed crucial paperwork, hired contractors, organized equipment and managed any surprises or challenges.

After a ton of learning, growth and success, Jaron is gearing up to take his experience and do it all AGAIN as we start the build-out process for our new Fork & Salad location in Kahului!  So what skills does it take to triumph on this journey from dream to reality??  Chef Jaron shares his insights on what he’s gained from the experience, how his cooking career helped him prepare for this, and what he’s most excited about with this next endeavor!!  Get to know more about this guy in our video, and be on the lookout for updates on our new building project in 2018!  #EatLocalEatHealthy