Jerome Hipolito has worn many hats over the years at Fork & Salad Kīhei.

“I was a dishwasher for six, seven months,” he remembers. “After that I was a salad tech, then when the opportunity came I became a prep cook/manager.”

Preparing the fresh ingredients and maintaining high standards of quality is one of Jerome’s top responsibilities.

“It’s a big part of this job; I doublecheck every order that comes in, so everything that comes out of this restaurant is perfect,” he says.

But for all he’s gained in culinary experience, Jerome has also lost something significant:  weight.  With so many nutritious salads and sandwiches to eat, he began switching up his diet and making exercise part of his routine.  Within a year’s time, Jerome says he’s lost around 100 pound so far!!  Learn more in our video above.

“Fork & Salad has so many options, it never gets boring,” he explains. “It’s not like I’m on a strict diet plan where you’re eating the same thing — I get to eat different salads and sandwiches every day!”

His favorite salad happens to be the Caesar (458 cal), which features kale, romaine, croutons, parmesan, tomato, fried garlic chips and Caesar dressing.  Born in the Philippines but raised on Maui, Jerome is proud to work for a company that supports local suppliers and farmers.  Come say hello and enjoy his freshly-prepped ingredients at Fork & Salad Kīhei!  #EatLocalEatHealthy